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Working environment of solenoid valve of screw type water chiller

Time:2016-01-18  source:Li Xiang refrigeration
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Working environment conditions of solenoid valve of screw type water chiller:
1 the use of corrosive or explosive environment should give priority to the use of the safety requirements of the selection of corrosion resistance
2 if the environment is limited, please use the multi-function solenoid valve, because it eliminates the bypass and three manual valves and easy online maintenance.
3 environment often vibration, bumps and shocks should choose special varieties of occasions, such as marine solenoid valve.
4 environment, the maximum and minimum temperature should be selected within the allowable range, such as tolerance required for special order.
5 the environment of high relative humidity and a drop of rain and so on, should be selected water solenoid valve
Screw type water chiller electromagnetic valve power supply conditions
A. according to the power supply types, respectively, the use of AC and DC solenoid valve. In general, easy to use AC power. Voltage specifications with the priority to use AC220V.DC24V.
B. should select the rated current and power consumption according to the power supply capacity. Must pay attention to the AC starting V solenoid valve A value is higher, when the capacity is insufficient, should give priority to the use of indirect guided electromagnetic valve. Mains voltage fluctuations are usually AC selection +%10%.-15%, DC to allow about%10, if the ultra poor, must take voltage regulator measures or put forward special orders.
The minimum working pressure of the solenoid valve of the screw type water chiller is above 0.04Mpa, which can be used as indirect pilot type; the minimum working pressure is close to or less than zero.


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